We, most of the admins and some other members, are The Duck Cult. We desire, above all things, to be become more like the Great Duck - Who created this world and all that is in it. We desire to be kind and respectful to our fellow forumgoer, but most importantly, most importantly of all, we desire to be ducks. Who are better than all other things.

The Cult Master (Has the ability to rollback pages, and to appoint new admins to the Wiki)Edit

The leader of the cult, a magnificent prophet of The Great Duck.


He is the leader of the cult, and one of the first Duckies. He is armed with The Sword of Duck, one of the great Weapons of Duck, infused with divine power, heavy to everyone but the wielder, which he uses to instill fear into heretics, give hope to believers and keep nonbelievers that are still not heretics quite indifferent. While careful, he still dares to do dangerous things and will react to any threat to his people. Although it might seem he has a weak will and that he is easy to manipulate, that doesn’t prevent him from doing what he thinks he is right, because he is actually quite moral; he will never do things he thinks are morally wrong, no matter what it costs him to follow that personal rule. That is a proof he has a stronger will than it seems.

He cares deeply about his people, ducks, and all creations of The Great Duck. He is willing to defend them from The Mighty Pickle’s power and from corruption. He also even has empathy for beings corrupted by The Mighty Pickle, and he wants to help them, convert them to the side of Duck. Leading the cult is a great responsibility he couldn't handle without help and support of other Duckies, but he loves what he does. He indeed deserves to be called a true Duckie, and, although he might not handle his position perfectly, it is still hard to find a person who would do a better job than him.

The Inner Circle (Members of the inner circle are not always admins nor vice versa)Edit

High ranked members of the cult. These are high priests of the cult.

D4RknEZz/Overloaded (Goes by TheForkNess here, which is the name of his weapon)

He, his sister and his friend suffered the effect of the werewere curse. He is willing to do anything to help people he cares for, and will devour anyone who presents a threat to them, no matter how dangerous the threat may be. He tends to underestimates the dangers he finds himself in, though, and he will fight against enemies much stronger than himself. He sometimes acts rashly and without too much thinking. He occasionally goes on very dangerous quests alone, even if he can't do them on his own, resulting in a lot of problems. He needs to get in serious trouble to ask someone for help, at which point it intervening becomes difficult. Though hesitant to ask for help, he also has no trouble with teamwork. When working in team, he is usually the one who plays the offensive role in combat, because he can deal pretty dangerous attacks. Although he lost his werewere powers to help his sister and best friend, he possesses a weapon called The fork Ness, one of the Weapons of Duck. It's a trident that lets him launch powerful energy blasts and is very useful in combat. You DO NOT want him as your enemy.


He is a mysterious person. So mysterious, in fact, that he barely knows anything about himself. He is very wise and possesses great knowledge about many things, but no one knows where he got that knowledge. He helped the Duckies with it on many occasions, though sometimes his advice was cryptic and other times it was mindless rambling. He can judge what kind of person someone is very easily, and he will keep an eye on manipulative snakes and scoundrels and will not let them do any harm. He also knows how to treat troublemakers, hot heads, or any people that could do something bad. Although he respects other people, he is not afraid to state his opinion and will always do so, even if it doesn't sound like a sane thing to say or match the opinion of the majority. He will stand up against bad decisions and always try to prevent other Cultists from taking wrong choices that would result in problems.

He is peaceful and against violence, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to fight. His weapon is a single edged sword, and he knows very well how to use it. He is a very skilled swordsman, one of the best in the GMC, or maybe even whole Yoyoland. In combat he focuses more on speed and agility than on strength. His amazing athletic and acrobatic skills are also so impressive that it makes the eyeballs of people with low tolerance to awesomeness bleed when they see him doing his stunts, and the faint of heart are recommended to stay away from him. And, again, no one knows where he got those skills. He is truly a human mystery.


The Mighty Pickle taught him magic, and Lukasmah used it for evil. He worked together with other Piqlanists, Pickle's wizard servants, to cause trouble to Cultists. After he finding out the hard way how evil The Mighty Pickle really is, he turned against him. After some time he joined the Cult, not because of his love for ducks and The Great Duck, but because of his hate for The Mighty Pickle. He is silent, and doesn't reveal to have any emotions. He lacks empathy towards everyone and everything. He can watch violence and torture without showing any signs of discomfort. Screams of pain mean nothing to him. He actually does have one emotion: Hate. Deep hate for The Mighty Pickle because of all the pain The Pickle caused him. His magical power is relatively big, but still not huge. He doesn't wield any weapons, but his magic lets him fight bare handed. Also, he wouldn't happen to know why Insert Name Here disappeared.

The Outer RingEdit

Other members of the Cult. This group consists of regular believers and low ranking priests.

Insert Name here


SEC - Founder of Duck Day



Peter Porky - That dude who communicates through emoticons

Dakku (deceased)


As a leader of the army of Duck, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is a great warrior, though he doesn't care about logistics, tactics and strategy too much, which results in the army being fairly inefficient for its size. His approach to battles and war is simple:

Step one: You need to create a huge army. 
Step two: You need to locate the enemy. 
Step three: You need to make sure your army is either bigger, better trained or has better weapons. 
Step four: Who cares about strategy, tactics and logistics? Attack!

Though he generally doesn't plan anything for more than five minutes, he still miraculously seems to win most of his battles.

His method of defending Ducktown is similar. He just places units all over the city walls. He also needs to make sure there are no Servants hidden along the Duckies. When he finds someone he considers suspicious, his preferred method is to kill first and ask questions later. He is the mr.Brute Force of the cult.


Very loyal to the Cult, he is a missionary who doesn't refrain from travelling great distances just to convert very small groups of people. He is very good with words and can easily convince most people to convert to duckieness, unless they are true Servants. He firmly believes words are stronger than violence. If there is a possibility of a battle, he will always first attempt to negotiate. He is known for holding great speeches, and he has helped greatly in spreading the word, and the other Duckies are thankful for it.

Generic Believers (mainly citizens of Duck Town, as the majority of Cultists live there)

Ducks (although they are the one worshipped, they are also part of the Cult.)

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