Roy carefully leveled a toy-ish looking gun/tuba, commonly known as "MuSic"(Puuunnnn), crafted by Lukasmah`s magic itself, at a known enemy of the ducks: a random polititian walking into a bank. Roy pulled the trigger. Nothing visibly appeared out of the MuSic, but the polititian was clutching his head and screaming: for his "money"(You "see" what I did there? ). Roytheshort swung the wepon over his shoulder and darted from roofs of buildings to old brick townhouse roofs. We he finnaly got back to the Cult base, he started walking towards the altar. "What the Crap is that thing?" Peter shouted as he walked into the hallway. Roytheshort didn`t answer and continued moving towards the altar. "Is your mind possesed by the great pickle who is trying to destroy the altar?" "No." "OK the, I`ll just leave." And Peter Porky left to use emoticons. Roytheshort arrived at the altar, and lawesome was there, too. "Have you completed the mission?" "Yes." "Good. Now, lay the MuSic in front of the altar." Roy did as Lawsome instructed and layed the weapon on the foot of the altar to the duck. "Exusif! Exiusif! Raway, Raway! Hnoki, fogiyt!" Lawsome chanted while raising his arms and facing the altar. "Oh great duck, I give you a gift! A weapon so powerful that it has wiped many evil polititans of the face of the earth!" Roy chanted as Lawsome lowered his arms and stepped back. The MuSic was eveloped in the old, dusty light of the temple, and then started rising up in the air - suddenly, the whole room turned black, and the MuSic dropped to the foot of the altar once more. The huge metal doors of the altar room opened. "I though only Duckies could enter the room! No one with as evil magic as that could enter! And furthermore, how did he get in? We have many powerful Duckies!" Lawesome thought as a person walked inside the room. Roy knew he had a opening and zigzagged his way towards the person really fast. Roytheshort raised his sword and brang it down on the person`s head. Strangly, nothing ozzed out of under his hool, but it cracked. There was like a huge, un-natural crack in his hood. "What are you?" Lawsome asked/shouted. "That does not matter. I have come up above the surface to warn you, and also the pickles." the person said. "Why... wait, what? Both of us?" Lawsome asked. "Yes. I have come to warn you: the evils between you to cults will grow larger and larger very soon. There WILL be a FULL SCALE war. I have given the pickles this ancient magic, and now I will give it to you." the person said. "Who the F··k would give the pickes anything to fight with! Screw you!" Roytheshort shouted. "Despite my apperance, I am here to keep balance between the cults, as well as clear my race`s name. But that does not matter now, as I will grant you the ancient magics." the person said as he/she took of his hook. The person was a he, but something was off. He had black pupils with purple irisis. Suddenly, a ring of fire surrounded Lawsome and Roy. "I knew you worked for the Pickle." Roy said. "No, I do not. This is part of the ritual." the person said. The fire drew closer and closer, and soon Lawsome and Roytheshort thought it indeed was a trap. Suddenly, the fire started to shrik and then cover the whole temple! "What do you think you are doing!" the Great Duck asked. The person did not answer. Instead, his whole eyes turned purple. "Ahh!"! Lawsome and roy screamed. The fire turned black and started immiting a aura of power. "Oh holy ancient of creation, gods of-" the Great Duck now knew what the man was doing, and thought "This is a forbidden ancient magic! How did he get a hold of it?" The person continued his spell. "life and dustruction, heed my call! Your path is locked, but I will unseal it! Your ways are not taught but I will teach them!" the person stopped for a second. Roy and Lawsome had been watching their temple on fire in terror. "I cast upon the second amendment of creation followers, the power of he forge! Forge ti̱s di̱miourgías! I RELLAY THE POWER OF THE FORGE TO YOU!" the person shouted, and the temple shook like crazy. peices of the celing were beggining to crumble. "What have you done!?" Roy shouted while leaping out of the way of a incoming piece of cement. "Use the power I have given you to fight!" the person said. "What pow-" Lawsome said, but stopped.

The person had melted.