The Great Duck looked at how evil people have become, corrupted by The Pickle, so she created a prophet.

"Come, Lawsome1997. I have chosen you to help people find light, for they are now in darkness. Spread my word and my religion. Guide humanity towards a brighter future. I have chosen mankind to take care of ducks, my greatest creation, so help them in their task, and the world will be a better place."

"Yes, oh Great One! I understand."

But the Mighty Pickle saw that, and he decided to talk to Lawsome in secret.

"The Duck is trying to use you for its plans. Don't listen to her. She just wants to manipulate you. She is selfish and only cares about herself. The Duck is evil."

And the Pickle corrupted poor Lawsome’s mind, making him build a temple of evil. You Must Not Say Duck was written on the entrance...

But good people realised what happened, and decided to get Lawsome1997 back on their side.

"Duck!", they said. "DUCK!"

He fought them wildly, under the power of Pickle.

But suddenly, a new hope appeared.

It was a new prophet, chosen by the Great Duck.

His name was... Roytheshort!

He approached Lawsome and spoke to him.

"Lawsome. I was sent here by the Great Duck. I am here to tell you to stop doing this. It is not good. People need ducks."

"No, ducks are evil. I am trying to keep this topic on track."

"So, you think you will help people by getting rid of ducks?"


"Do you really think ducks, who were always good and awesome, are meant to do harm?"


"Are you sure?"


"Even The Great Duck, who truly loves every one of us?

Even now, after turning your back to her, she still loves you. She hasn't punished you. After all you've done to her, she is willing to take you back."

"But, the Mighty Pickle said... That The Great Duck was lying.

Could the Pickle be the one who was lying all the time?"

After moments of silence, Lawsome muttered:

"Oh, no, what have I done?"

"It is still not late. Spread the word of Duck, and you will be forgiven."

"Yes, yes, I will do it.

Anything, just to undo the harm I've caused."

And so, Lawsome devoted himself to spreading the word of The Great Duck. He was dedicated to his task once again and did more than ever before to help the religion grow.