As Morgan La Fey lay dying in a deep chasm, she decided to enact revenge upon the one who defeated her. She was not stupid. She knew he was from the future. Even if she could travel in time (she can't) a sword in the chest would be a major inconvenience. So, she cast a spell on herself. One day, she would rise from the grave. Her spirit would find someone and posses them. She would use their skills and her magic to destroy Yoyoland. She no longer cared about ruling it. She would destroy it, and build a new empire on its ashes. As she spoke the last of the spell, she realized that she would need a sacrifice. Then, a winged lizard came down into the chasm.

"I claim this castle in the name of the Mighty Pickle!" the winged sentient pickle said, "Prepare to die, intruder!"

"I am already dead you fool." She said.

She conjured a fireball and tossed it towards the pickle. She was too weak, but then the ball exploded and incinerated them all. The sacrifice was complete. Morgan La Fey would return...