One day, Changgi was heading to the office. He was the head of the newspaper called 'The Trickster'. He went into to his office and began working. Around noon, a package arrived. Inside was a small plastic box with a screen on top. There was no manual. As he puzzled over how to turn it on, the device turned on by itself, and displayed:

"The Game, a thought-controlled adventure."

Later, Channgi played it that night until at the end, he supposed, a mysterious cloaked figured instantly killed the hero during a cutscene. The cube instantly split into two, and Channgi showed it to Roy to cheer him up after he was kicked from the duck cult. Roy also beat the game, and it again cloned itself. This kept going on and on, until The Game became a big hit in Yoyoland! The Duckies, Typhon, and Nocturne were too busy with stuff to play The Game......