The Pickle was furious. The town of Vimai had turned on him and now worshipped the Duck. The Pickle plotted its revenge. One day, it turned all of the plant life in Vimai into giant, green monsters with sharp needles on every part of their body. The Pickle called these behemoths cacti. The cacti attacked the villagers and scared most of them off with their sharp needles. But there was one cactus that didn't want to do evil. This cactus believed that the Duck was better than the Pickle. So this cactus turned on the others. It told them that the Duck was good. The cacti thought about this, and they found that they agreed. All of the cacti agreed to follow the Duck. They brought the villagers back, and then they planted themselves in the ground, fearing that they would accidentally hurt someone with their needles. The people of Vimai lived happily ever after, and the cacti were satisfied with their new roles.