Part 1Edit

After Lukasmah filled True Valhalla in on the situation, they went through a wormhole Lukasmah opened. They found themselves in a courtyard outside a massive palace. Bots immediately surrounded them, and took them inside.

Now the next part is a bit unclear. Somehow, Lukasmah rescued, Merlon, Insert Name Here, the Great Duck, Ddawg, Mercerenies, and DaRKneZz.

On the way out, Cantavanda stopped them. Insert Name Here did a last minute move, and threw Morgan la Fey's dagger at his chest. It went in, but nothing happened. Cantavanda's eyes turned blood red.

"You think you can merely excorcize me, boy?" Cantavanda said, "I am more powerful than the Great Duck and the Mighty Pickle combined! For if they are the creators of worlds, then let it be known that today I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Cantavanda is no more."

Part 2Edit

As Cantavanda, or Death, crept closer towards them, Lukasmah started mumbling under his breath. It must have been a spell, because it sounded like complete gibberish.

Nothing happened.

"Heh heh heh" Death laughed, "This is my domain. I control magic. You couldn't possibly think I wouldn't block wormholes?"

"Actually, I did." Lukasmah said as a wormhole opened and swallowed all 8 of us, "That is why I opened a temporal wormhole."

Death's face paled. He probably realized that they would be long gone.

"Guards!" he yelled, "Search the perimiter. The prisoners have escaped.", but it was too late. They had already gone back through to what was Yoyoland 1 hour earlier...

Everyone was back in The Ruins of YYGF, or at least, what was left of them. Now they had to figure out how to stop Death. Everyone turned to the Great Duck, literally.

"We should head west." Was all the Duck would say.

So, they carefully made their way west, being very careful to avoid the spambots that Ddawg insisted they kill. It was easy for Lukasmah to disable them with True Valhalla's help, but all of them were afraid that Ddawg might hurt someone. Then they saw a familiar face.

"SQUAAK!" the bird screamed, "What are you doing here? Didn't you all vanish, and what are you doing with them, Lukasmah?"

"Oh great, we have to deal with this guy again. May I please kill him?" Ddawg said.

Mercerenies shot him a nasty look. "If you weren't out taking pot shots at random crows for fun, he wouldn't have even bothered us. Instead, you had to go and start a fight for no reason!"

Ddawg grumbled a little and fell silent.

"Sorry about that." Lukasmah said, "A lot has happened. We are trying to work together to stop Cantavanda."

"Yeah, I heard." Mr. Squak said, "Those things keep calling him 'the supreme overlord of universe' or something to that effect. I can't wait to send some crows after that guy."

"Yeah, about that..." Insert Name Here said, "I don't think Cantavanda is behind this. I think something is possessing him. We are heading west to try and find something to cast it out. At least, that is my..."

"Actually." The Great Duck cut him off, "We found what we need. Now we need to go to the boat. I'll explain everything there."

"Yeah, the boat's at one of my docks. Are we finally going to ditch this dump?" Mr. Squak said.

"LET ME AT HIM!" Ddawg screamed. Mercerenies had to hold him down to restrain him. Ddawg kicked Mercenies in the gut, and there was a flash of light. In Mercerenies place was a sentient pickle wearing a giant turtle shell.

"Now look what you did. You broke my magic shell. Now I don't look like a human." Mercerenies said.

"I told you to be more with that, when I gave it to you." The Duck said as It turned to the rest of us, "At least now, we don't have to worry about any of you 8 causing trouble. Mercerenies is loyal to me. Respect him as any other member of the cult. Now quit wasting time and get to that boat."

We got to the boat, and then we were trying to figure out what to do while we hid on board.

"Where are we sailing to?" Mr. Sqauk asked.

The Great Duck simply told us over and over to just wait. We would find out eventually. Not long after, there a flash of light and there was a figure standing on deck, but it was too dark to see who it was. He saw me, and spoke.

"Hey, is that you, Insert Name Here?" he said.

It took me a second to realize who it was.

"Chronos, is that you?" I said, "We got a letter saying you'd be here in the future?"

"I see..." he said, "Well, I come with troubling news. I was in the future, and there was nothing left."

"We know." I said, "There was just empty space."

"No" he told me, "Everything had been replaced by a massive black brain that seemed t have enveloped the whole planet. I barely escaped. Luckily, I had materialized in space."

"Alright, can we get on with this, now?" Mr. Squak interupted, "Those guys look like they are gonna cause trouble."

The crow gestured towards the dock, where three spambots were running towards the boat. Ddawg untied the rope holding the boat in the dock, and Lukasmah summoned wind to push us out to see.

"We are safe now." The Great Duck said.

He looked at Chronos, and said, "Give it to them."

"What are you talking about?" D4RknEZz said, but Chronos interupted him.

"life and dustruction, heed my call! Your path is locked, but I will unseal it! Your ways are not taught but I will teach them! I cast upon the third amendment of creation followers, the power of time! Time tís dímiourgías! I RELLAY THE POWER OF TIME TO YOU!" Chronos said.

The boat started shaking violently, and waves were churning around it. Then it all stopped, and calmed down.

"What was that?" I asked.

"I remember hearing about this from Lawsome." D4RknEZz said, "Some Golem came in and gave them some kind of magic, but we could never figure out how it worked."

"I can explain." The Great Duck said, "There were certain magic spells I prohibited from being used, because they are too powerful. Together, they can be used to form a spell that is unspeakable: A spell that can destroy the world."

"Okay, but why do we need a spell for that?" I said, "And where is the spell?"

"I gave pieces of the spell to six guardians that would pass it down generation to generation so it could be used now." The Great Duck said, "The place we were in was another world created by Death to wage war on ours, but it is a shadow, filled with mindless bots. The only way we can ensure our survival is to destroy it, and Death, once and for all."

"You gave it to six people, really?" I said, "Are we going to have to wait 7 years, and put on green caps, because this sounds like a really bad joke on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time."

The Great Duck looked shocked at first, and then said, "Well, you don't have to do all that, but how did you figure that out?"

Everyone just shook their heads. The Great Duck is sometimes just downright wierd...

Okay, so we went on a looooooong voyage and found the rest of the guardians. I won't bore you with the details right now; however, D4RknEZz, Merlon, True Valhalla (who was one of the guardians it turns out), Mercerenies (another one. I don't know why we bothered sailing for months!), Lukasmah, Chronos, and Mr. Squak perished in battle against sea monsters (Actually, I suspect that Ddawg killed Mr. Squak).

Part 3Edit

So, we were back of the coast of Yoyoland where it all began. Ddawg was sleeping in his bunk beneath deck. Up on deck, the Great Duck prepared to teach me the completed spell. He chanted a spell over the long scroll, and the scrolls disappeared and a 3D glowing thing of code appearred above where they used to be. I looked at it for a few minutes, confused, but then I realized exactly what it was, and it all made sense.

There was a reason why magic was just GML read backwards,

and why the Great Duck, and the Mighty Pickle were not as invincible as they claimed to be,

and why the Great Duck had to hide the spell to keep it from Death even though he wanted to take over the world, not destroy it,


the spell wasn't a spell; it was the source code to an AI, and the Great Duck and the Mighty Pickle weren't dieties, they were programmers, and Death was a hacker trying to steal the code, or even worse: A VIRUS

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am surprised you did not figure that part out yourself. Why,  I am you, of course. Granted, the real you. Not an imperfect copy hand-created my me." The Great Duck said.

"But why call yourself the Great Duck... oh haha." I said, "It's a pun on our name. Yeah, I suppose that would make sense. You are the Great Drake. So, why start a battle with the Pickle?"

"We're livvestreaming the whole thing on" He said, "Everyone thought it was a game for a while."

So what did we do then? Well, we had finally unleashed the forbidden magic of creation. The only thing left was to use it...

Part 4Edit

We told Ddawg what had actually been going on this whole time. When he heard it all he thought he was having a nightmare. Before we could stop him, he jumped ship to try and wake up. We were unable to save him. We began to move in towards the docks. Death was waiting for us at the dock.

"Well well." He said, "It seems that you have managed to put back together your little spell. You do realize it will useless, right? I've been making a little spell of my own. Now that you removed all of the restrictions you placed on magic my power is limitless. Behold!"

The dock started shaking violently.

"An earthquake? That's nothing!" I said.

"Quiet." The Great Duck said, "I hear something."

I could hear something faint as well. It sounded like metal scraping. Then I heard a splash and looked down. Grabbing onto the wooden support was a what looked like an old bone hand, like from a dead body, but it was silver.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Before the Great Duck could respond, a few more "hands" emerged, along with several shiny metal skulls. We had made a major error. We hadn't just removed restrictions on some magic. We had removed all the restrictions, and now Death was ressurecting the dead... as more spambots. I jumped onto the Great Duck's back.

The Great Duck started to protest, "Hey what are you..."

"Fly us out of here!" I said.

"Are you nuts?!? I can't even beat the first pipe in Flappy Bird. You want me to get us killed?" The Great Duck said.

"What's Flappy Bird?" I asked.

"Oh, nevermind." The Great Duck said as he reluctantly took off.

The flight to what was left of the Ruins of YYGF was long and I'd rather not talk about it. Suffice to say that the Great Duck doesn't know how to pilot...

Part 5Edit

We finally landed... er crashed next to the Ruins, or what was left of them. In it's place as usual was a big empty field.

"Quick, open a wormhole!" The Great Duck said.

"I don't know how to open a wormhole! You do it!" I said.

"Fine!" The Great Duck said.

The Great Duck started chanting, and the wind began to pick up. Above the field, a giant funnel cloud began to descend. It touched the ground and expanded, encompassing the whole field.

"Why'd you have to make it so big?" I asked.

"Well, in order to stop the machine controlling the bots, we're going to have to blow it all up. If we start deleting stuff now we might kill people." The Great Duck said.

"Fair enough." I said.

Before the Great Duck could say anything else, I made a gigantic fireball and tossed it through. It was so big, I thought my eyelids had burned off because closing my eyes made no difference to the sheer brightness. Also, I noticed part of the moon got burnt off. A gigantic plume of flame shot up into the sky closing the wormhole.

"Well, that should be it." I said, "Now you just have to go delete everything, right?"

"It's already done." The Great Duck said, "The timeline should start to repair itself."

"Not if I have anything to do with it!" A voice said from behind us said.

We turned around and saw Death standing there.

"Just give up. You've lost." I said.

"No, as long as I have this, nothing can stop me!" he said as he held up Chronos' time travel thingy and disappeared into yet another wormhole.

"We have to go after him." The Great Duck said.

"When, and why do we need to?" I asked.

"I know what he's been after. It's a secret long buried in the past. He must have figured it out somehow." He said, "Back in the past, there was another reason why I restricted magic."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Because someone in Atlantis managed to create something many would say is impossible." He said, "He created a script with the power to grant wishes, ANY wishes."

"Yeah, but how would anyone know about that?" I asked, "Even if they did, why would they want it?"

"Well, I did happen to offer people wishes, games made in seconds, a world of their own, those sorts of things. Besides, a script like that would be worth a gigaton in gold. Nothing can stop it." He said.

"Okay fair enough. Hurry up and open a wormhole!" I said.

And so, it was time to go back to where it all began...

Part 6: THE ENDEdit

We popped out into an alleyway. We looked out into the street and saw some disturbing sights. There were were-creatures, everywhere. It made no sense. D4RKN3Zz and a few others were the first were-creatures.

"Don't mind them." The Great Duck said, "The Atlanteans did a lot of... experiments. I suppose the Mighty Pickle got a few ideas from them."

"You don't say..." I said as what looked like a early concept of a sentient pickle walked past the alley.

"There!" The Great Duck whispered, "We must make it to the palace! That's where it's going to created."

He gestured to a giant building in what looked like the center of the island. We made our way over to it, and snuck in disguised as janitors. We were too late, though. Death already had it. I don't want to write everything he said as it was somewhat boring, but he stood there boasting for a while.

Eventually I whispered to the Great Duck, "Can't you just use your own copy?"

"Why didn't I think of that!" The Great Duck said, "I wish for Insert Name Here to have this wish-thingie instead of Death!"

Instantly, it appeared in my hand. Then I spoke.

"I wish for only one thing, and that is for Death to be banished from this world and to never return!" I said.

Instantly, Death collapsed onto the ground, coughing. It worked. Cantavanda was back to normal.

"Now there is only one thing left to do." The Great Duck said.

The two of us appeared outside of the Cult of Pickle.

"Why are we here?" I asked.

"We must stop all of this from ever happening." The Great Duck said, "The reason you had to go back in time was to stop Death's original plan. He prevented Atlantis from sinking. Now that he is gone, we can put things back the way they belong. You know what to do."

I went inside of the Cult of Pickle. Beaver was inside as normal.

"We need to abort the plan." I said, "I'm from the future, and the cycle must be broken."

And in that moment everything changed...

Part 7Edit

INH sat in front of his computer and watched the other him go inside the building.

Well, at least everything will go back to normal. Too bad, nobody will remember anything. He thought.

INH saw a number pop up in his browser. It was a twitch message. It was from the Mighty Pickle (what? you don't expect me to tell you his identity do you?).

"Are you almost done fixing the game? I'm getting bored!" it said.

I replied, "Yes, it's almost fixed. Everything will be back to how it was when we destroyed the ruins. I'm still not sure who sent that virus, though. It was a pretty nasty one. Then again, it did fuse with one of the AIs"

He replied, "Okay, I'll be back on in a few minutes. I'm eating right now. I think I might switch to control of my dopple for a while, though. Having a giant diety to use feels a bit unbalanced."

And so everything returned to normal...

In some deep dark IRC channel in an almost abandoned server...

"The attack failed, didn't it."

"Yes, the virus was unsuccesful in sending us the code."

"The program?"

"It seems it has returned to normal. They don't seem to suspect it to be an attack."

"I suppose that is good. We must prepare a new attack. Do you have that Phantom Virus ready?"

"The one we were going to attack YoYoGames with? Not yet. I thought the other thing would serve as a replacement."

"Email me when it's done."