The mighty pickle was tired of constantly getting its ass kicked by the duckies, so he decided to put an end to it. He decided to get rid of the inner circle of the cult, because they were the biggest troublemakers which, at the time, consisted of Roytheshort, Lawsome and D4KneZz.

"If I do so", he thought, "the cult will suffer a shock, because there will be no one to take the leadership. I won't even give them the time to reorganise themselves. Then, I'll attack them during their moment of weakness and wipe the cult out. But first, I need to figure out how to do it."

He ambushed one of the neutrals, Lukasmah. Lukasmah was neither for the side of Duck or the side of the Pickle. He convinced him to join the pickles. After Lukasmah accepted, he personally trained him in the use of dark magic and some other powers. After he learned what he needed, Lukasmah entered the temple of the Duck, and spammed the place with pickles.

That made the members of the inner circle very angry, and they decided to lynch him. They approached him, but then a ring of fire surrounded them. The temple turned dark. The entrance collapsed. Lukasmah launched fireballs in multiple directions. Roytheshort dodged the attack with a backflip and then he pulled out his sword he was hiding in his cane (people thought it served just as a fashion statement). He was obviously more than they thought, and it looked like he knew some martial arts. Lawsome blocked the incoming fireball with the powerful Duck Sword, while D4KneZz transformed into his Weredog form, ready to fight.