And so the war between the crows and Ddawg had begun.

Ddawg fought his way through thousands of crows, to get to the main castle.

"I found you!" He yelled upon entering.

"Ah, so you have, SQUAWK!" An evil crow said, perched on a toilet.

"The Mighty Pickle will be sad to find that Mr. Squawk is dead!"

"The Pickle? SQUAWK! I do not work for him."


"I like evil because of my own, SQUAWK, reasons."

"...So you DON'T work for the Pickle?"

"SQUAWK, no."

And then, out of a dark corner, the Mighty Pickle emerged and cast a spell on the Mr. Squawk.

"You do now!" He said after an evil laugh.

"Yes, master, SQUAWK!" Mr. Squawk bowed to The Mighty Pickle.

"Screw it! I'll kill you both!" Ddawg charged Mr. Squawk, but little did he know that he could shoot lasers from his beak. "SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK!" And a laser struck Ddawg in the chest, catapulting him out a window.

He landed in the middle of a skirmish between the crows and his army.

"Hear me, soldiers!" Mr. Squawk yelled from the window. "We now work for the Mighty Pickle!"

And the crows piled up on Ddawg.

The Mighty Pickle teleporting himself and Mr. Squawk to who know's where.

Ddawg managed to kill thousands more crows, but could not track down Mr. Squawk.