John was a weregoat. He did not like that at all, so he wanted to get rid of his werewere curse. The bad thing was that he did not know how to do this. One sunny day, while John was eating his grass, he found something under it. It was a box! He opened it and he found a map in it. This map showed John how to get to the Picklinatti Pyramid and get rid of the curse. John knew a fast way to get there. Then, he farted (as we all know goats are famous for their farts). After his big fart, he landed out of the pyramid. It was a giant pyramid with a pickle in the middle. He asked a duck how to get into the pyramid. Duck showed him the entrance, he gave him a necklace, which was made by herself for good luck and she warned him that no one has returned back. John got into the pyramid. There was a big hall, full of traps. In the end of that hall there was a giant room and in the middle of that room, was the statue of the Great Duck. That statue could solve his curse. But John did not know how to to get rid of the traps. He suddenly farted and he went in the middle of the room. Then five pickles attacked John. He was terryfied. But he stayed calm and he found a great idea. After his third fart, the pickles melted. He touched the statue and then something weird happened: He was not a weregoat anymore, but he became a werepie! John liked this curse and he lived his life very happy. Still, all's well that ends well.