Guidelines on Proper Grammar to use in This WikiEdit

Proper Grammar when Referring to The Great DuckEdit

The "D" in "Duck" should be capitalised when talking about the bird, about Our Great Lord, or when using the word as a replacement for the popular 4 lettered swear to which it rhymes. However, not in any other case. For instance.

"What do you call that thing in the pond?"

"You call it a duck."

"Hey! You didn't capitalise your "D""

"No, I was referring to the tightly-weaved cotton fabric floating in the water over there."

"Oh yeah..."

The Mighty Pickle should be capitalised like any other name. But when talking about the cucumbers soaked in vinegar, do not capitalise. Pickles are not sacred.

The Gender of The Great DuckEdit

No one knows the gender of the Great Duck, so tyou basically get to choose whether Duck is male female or neither when writing. You are allowed to be inconsistent, even within your own chapter.

The Pickle is always male. However.