Dear Duckies,

Chronos had to escape Typhon's destruction of Atlantis. He quickly set a time machine to some time in the future. He ended up A.D. 1957. After learning the date, he got nosy and decided to see what the Duck Cult's future would be. He went to the year 2020 (5 years after the incident with Mike Dailly recealing himself to be Typhon). When he arrived, he found nothing. No Earth, no moon, no sun, no stars. He did not even find the Great Duck or the Mighty Pickle. EVERYTHING had ceased to exist. Chronos set the time machine to 2016 (1 year after the incident). That is how the Duck Cult will find him in the temple. He will mysteriously appear one year from now. I know this letter sounds strange, but it essential that you prepare for his arrival. Well, maybe you won't need to, but you can at least have more time to try and stop the end of the world!

From the future,