One day, Lukasmah was going for a walk outside the Duck Cult. It was not long after the Great Duck had resurrected him. All of a sudden, the Mighty Pickle appeared before him.

"YOU!" Lukasmah said.

A fireball appeared in Lukasmah's hand.

"Wait, I am not who you think I am." the Mighty Pickle said, "I am a man who has taken advantage of a weakness between the Duck and Pickle. I switched bodies with the Pickle and took His place."

"That is blaspheme!" Lukasmah said, "If this is true, then what do want?"

"It is simple. Now that the Pickle is human he is mortal. The only way to ensure my triumph is to kill the Pickle."

"Who is the Pickle?" Lukasmah asked.

"He is Mike Dailly." the Pickle said.

"You mean the Mike Dailly that was really the ancient monster Typhon that was also an evil 'clone'of Insert Name Here?" Lukasmah said.

"Hello old friend." Typhon said.